SUDS Laundry Shop, June 2014

  Franchisor uses design, color, and lighting to woo customers Because 83 percent of human information is achieved from a potential client’s sense of sight, businesses ought to invest in store presentation, says successful franchisor. Looks do count in almost all kinds of retail business, according to avid franchisor Caloy Ang, whose Suds Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services has grown from two stores in 2009 to [.....]

Condo Central November 2008 Issue

  Having started operations only in 2004,Anchorland Holdings, Inc. (ALHI) is practically just an industry toddler. However, going by its glowing milestones,this teething realty firm may very well have already grown fangs, as it aggressively and purpose fully bites into the vastly competitive vertical residential development pie.Initially focusing its efforts on building luxurious and sophisticatedcondominium [.....]

Modern Condo Made Personal

MANILA, Philippines - As crash pads for weary city folk, condominiums are expected to take on the look and feel of a modern haven. But as developers for the discerning Makati crowd are finding out, creating a line-up of condo units to woo their market swoon is a difficult task to accomplish. One of the few to have hurdled this design challenge in style is Cactus Realty Corp. Its latest condominium project, One Pacific [.....]